Jail or Bail?

On Friday 3rd March our very own Bro. Gavin Anderson-Terry is up for a charity trial at the Shire Hall in Dorchester where, unbelievably, he has been charged with ‘crimes against fashion’, you can see the campaign details here Weldmar Hospice Jail or Bail. Video evidence of the said (sad) crimes can be found in this YouTube Video

Gavin needs to raise the princely sum of £999 in Bail (Charity) funds but with current evidence it does not look good! You can help raise Gavin’s bail money via his Weldmar Trust Just Giving page

Should you wish to go and visit, or gloat at, Gavin in his cell, then he will be incarcerated from around midday(ish) on the Friday 3rd March. Entry to the Shire Hall in Dorchester will be required.