Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure

Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure (2017) – born in Dorset! An original idea from the Loyal Manor Lodge, with the efforts of Dorset Freemasons and the support of Freemasons across the country have given over two hundred deserving children enjoying a free adventure holiday for a week. This project, conceived in Dorset was a unique way for Freemasonry to work for the benefit of the wider community. It also provided an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate 300 years of Freemasonry in England.

Dorset Freemasonry was delighted to host 209 deserving children for this Jurassic Coast Youth Adventure holiday at the PGL Osmington Bay centre. 122 children from Dorset schools were joined by a further 87 from 14 other Provinces as far afield as Durham and Cumberland and Westmoreland at a cost of £500 for each participant. All the cost was funded by English Freemasons.

At the beginning of their stay, each child was given £20 pocket money, two specially designed t-shirts and a matching baseball cap as souvenirs. One of the organising team commented: – “All the young people and many of the leaders on arrival were overjoyed and amazed at what Freemasonry had provided for them. Several children were moved to tears at not only being presented with t-shirts and a cap but pocket money as well. You could see on many faces that they were experiencing something beyond their imagination and dreams.”