Three Years in the Chair …

The last meeting of our WM, W. Bro. Selwyn Williams, before the Installation of the Master Elect in October,  was held the Friday evening of the 23rd September. This has been a marathon run, heading the Loyal Manor Lodge since his Installation in October 2019, just a few months before the pandemic and lockdown. 

Selwyn responded to the IPM’s toast with a great speech, culminating in a fine round of applause from members and visitors.  This piece of history will be logged on the roll of honour of Past Masters of the Lodge. 

WM Selwyn Williams, PPGM RW Bro. Harry Barnes and four Entered Apprentices representing Loyal Manor and Vindelis Lodges

The evening was made all the more special with a presentation made by the PPGM RW Bro. Harry Barnes who praised the Lodge for it’s convivial atmosphere.

We congratulate two Loyal Manor members who were presented with a gift and certificate for more than 40 years in Freemasonry, WBro. David Seall and WBro. Paul Reed

A great evening to end three tough, but memorable, years

Thank you Worshipful Master.