500th Nautical Cable Tow

 On the 7th March 2023 Brian Barton presented the 500th Nautical Cable Tow, adorned with Lodge Banner Colours, to the Lodge of Honour and Friendship No: 1266 meeting at Blandford, Dorset. An Initiation ceremony then followed using their new Nautical Cable Tow.

Lodge of Honour and Friendship No: 1266 NCT

In 2020 Brian of the Loyal Manor Lodge No: 6445, and an ex Chief Petty Officer (Mine Warfare), started a charity initiative for the Dorset Festival 2025 by re-creating the Nautical Cable Tow from an original idea produced in 1983  by Alan Yates an ex Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, and a Somerset Freemason. Alan Yates was delighted and was proud to endorse the project and his legacy prior to his Passing in 2021.

Brian did not know, at the time of making the first Nautical Cable Tow, that he was embarking on a journey that would see him hand produce 500 Nautical Cable Tows, and that he would be presenting them and shipping them all around the world to lodges far and wide.

An offer was made to Lodges to be presented with the Nautical Cable Tow in return for a suggested donation of £50 (after materials and posting). Some lodges requested them to be made a little more unique and adorn them with their Regiment, Unit, School, Universities, and Lodge Banners, tie and belt colours. This made each Nautical Cable Tow a unique and personal link to their Lodge.

Loyal Manor Lodge is pleased and proud to see this fantastic piece of Lodge furniture not only make a great impression globally but raise a substantial sum of funds for the Dorset 2025 Festival and in support of the Freemason’s Charitable Foundation.

Brian Barton

Stephen James, Mike Lofthouse and Brian Barton
Stephen James, Mike Lofthouse and Brian Barton (Phot: Adrew Ward)

Update: The presentation of the 500th Nautical Cable Tow by Brian Barton to the Master of the Lodge Mike Lofthouse and Stephen James.

(Phot: Andrew Ward)